Sustained Leadership Enhancement Process™

When learning ‘sticks’ good habits are quickly formed.

The sad fact is that while there is a lot of good content out there with which to train leaders, almost 90% of it is wasted effort. It has been shown by experts such as the American Society for Training and Development  ASTD that most training programs (both internal and external) are doomed to fail regardless of the quality of the content. The reason for the lack of success is the lack of implementation.  Leaders  leave the classroom and become caught up in the press of their day to day job, and their comfortable old habits resume before the new learning can be turned into new habits.

As can be seen in the Kirkpatrick diagram below, unless the implementation of a program’s content is sustained over months, by in large the entire investment will be lost.

Source: American Society of Training and Development 2000


Training that does not include implementation… Fails.

Kirkpatrick Level - click for larger graphic

Particularly high performing leaders find the lack of implementation of new learning actually increases their stress – the reverse of the hope for outcome. Today the time away from their desks for traditional training isn’t covered by another team member, so work piles up in their absence. Their hope is that catch-up time will be mitigated by the benefits they enjoy from the new learning. Instead they find themselves looking at the dusty binder months later and mentally berating themselves for one more thing they haven’t done.

6 years ago Work-Life Resources developed a skill transfer process that is semi customized to each organization and each leader. The process supports overworked leaders as they embed new skills into their work while they do it.   Now tested on over 2000 leaders, our Sustained Leadership Enhancement Process™ has a proven record for improving both stress levels  and employee engagement so that organizations can truly capitalize on their human assets.

New learning means new behaviours. Sustaining new behaviours means they must become habits. New behaviours are developed fastest through repetition and support and they are sustained through reinforcement over time – like teeth brushing or seat belts.

Our 6 Step, 6 month Sustained Leadership Enhancement Process™  guarantees your investment will result in actual implementation and will surpass the national average by over 60%.

Work-Life developed the Sustained Leadership Enhancement Process™ to work in conjunction with leadership skills development training.  It ensures any investment in organizational excellence has the greatest return on investment possible.

Furthermore, Work-Life has teamed with existing premium leadership development content to modify the entire delivery so that it is the most cost effective, time efficient and results driven development with the highest implementation rates possible.

Because we understand that each leader comes to the table with varying skills, strengths and levels of commitment we have developed a 6 step process that is far beyond coaching follow-up. It begins with integration and ends with sustainability. We are the “sticky” company that supports you through the execution stage by co-creating a focus on outcomes and more effective ways to communicate across functions and to your teams … it accelerates in months what might otherwise take years; this means your people will experience less grind and more flow, while delivering your desired future.

In order for new behaviours to stick you must have:

  1. Repetition – To build the new habit
  2. Support – To build their confidence
  3. Re-enforcement – To sustain the behaviour