Measuring Results

Your time and  money are important commodities. Work-Life realizes that delivering complex services to many of your organization’s leaders  is a critical investment,  and you want results.

Valuable Program Support

Our robust progress tracking and performance reporting mazimizes your return. Automated systems, directed by our skilled staff,  keep detailed records to ensure each leader meets their commitments . Valuable feedback on improving performance occurs throughout the process.

Progress Tracking

Work-Life uses an extensive reporting process to synthesize themes and create learning benchmarks in a working relationship. In a single offering to 15 leaders, you receive detailed monthly reports on individual progress. We hold leaders accountable when they lose their way. And, we support them to quickly become contributors once more.

We make it simple for you to communicate with us bycustomizing points of contact to achieve your goals.  Your corporate style is important – we aim to match it.

Perforamce Reporting

Final graphed and charted reports based on key performance indicators are provided on both individual leader and group results. These include data on changes in these areas:

  • absenteeism
  •  engagement
  •  role change
  •  trust
  • improved relationships
  • increased competence.

We also compile anecdotal information to ensure  all prespectives are captured for you.