Rapid Culture Change

What is culture? It’s the level of intellectual achievement in your workplace. Culture is not a constant, but an ever-changing state.

Change is vital to reach new platforms of progress, but it isn’t always easy. We get stuck in our patterns of working and living. We need someone to guide us to be our best. That’s what Work-Life does. We’re experts on immediate practices for managing change and driving winning results within 6 to 9 months.

 Are you stuck with these breakdowns during change?

  • Fragmented departments working against each other
  • Employees engaging in the blame-game and victimization
  • Multiple priorities and poor communication
  • Overwhelming tasks
  • Organizational breakdowns
  • Warm bodies just doing their jobs

Our work reveals root causes of problems that lead to frustration and costly breakdowns. 

We have solutions for your challenges!

  • Collaborate toward the same goal without conflict
  • Set clear priorities so everyone understands the non-negotiables for success
  • Focus on outcomes so wasted time, efforts, and resources are eliminated
  • Quickly diagnose and resolve breakdowns
  • Engage as leaders with a sense of ownership at all levels
  • Create meaningful measurements that relate directly to business results

 Build competence by learning to work together.

 A rare opportunity!  Our exclusive program is now offered to individuals to become front runners in their industries. Previously, we only served intact teams moving through multiple changes.

 Mark Samuels, author and consultant, holds degrees in organization development, applied psychology, and statistics. He brings 30+ years of experience as a world leader in the dynamics of human accountability.

 It was a great session.  Getting Mark to work through our clinic was worth the price of admission!  Health Care

This is the one of the most productive processes I have ever attended.  The difference was  the ‘what to expect in a change’ piece  Mark brought from his great depth of experience and his statistical thinking.  He creates new theory and puts it into practice.  Other organizations only offer education.  My brain is full of new, expansive ideas  I am busy processing. OE HR

Brain buzzing from the powerful content. Thank you  for creating a remarkable learning opportunity – it is a game changer. Consultant

Our Promise

 1) You will know how to resolve major breakdowns in your workplace.

2) You will create a plan to achieve measurable business results.

Using our process, you will navigate a two-year change in less than six months!

We have tested and proven results in these sectors:

finance, health care, energy, nonprofit, engineering, and manufacturing.