Project Management Excellence

It can be a struggle to complete critical business  projects on time, on budget and with the desired deliverables. It’s even more frustrating to spend millions of dollars developing internal project managers, creating risk systems, and holding  people accountable  to correct problems.

By modifying the role of the leadership team and their function in planning and managing projects breakdowns can be resolved. The results:  projects are on time, on budget, and deliver.

How is this possible?  IMPAQ’s elements make it a reality with:

  • Shared-Ownership of project priorities and business outcomes
  • Rapid and inclusive global project plans, launches, and communications
  • A simple infrastructure to manage priorities, progress, and risks 
  • A ruthless but forgiving monitoring system you can update and review in minutes

Our Amazing Results

  • Moved from treating customer milestones as optional to robust results, after three months.  International Defense Contractor
  • Went from 20% to 75% of priority enterprise wide initiatives completed on-time-on-budget with desired deliverables,  in nine months - IT Group, Worldwide Manufacturing Company
  • Cut 25% off the top of a normal large scale project with the rapid, up-front global planning process – Regional Health System