Leadership Framework and Assessment


You will identify a clear picture of the “outcomes” of a successful leader. We aren’t referring to a set of metrics or goals, but a clear picture of success for an organization’s business, customers, and culture.

Based on this framework, you will be able to articulate what an effective leader is. This encompasses the habits, competencies and attitudes to achieve the organization’s ideal success and maintain it.

Work-Life will not propose a prescriptive process in developing a Leadership Framework. Our values and experiences have taught us that to create a meaningful framework we must:

1. Incorporate the strengths of current leadership and management development

2. Be firmly grounded in a shared organizational vision of future success

3. Respond to current business circumstances

4. Begin where the organization is rather than where the consultants are


The common approach is to study top performers in an organization to determine the strengths they exhibit and use that as a base.  This makes sense for developing people to be as good as the best, but it is lacking on two points:

1. Will the competencies of the best people today be sufficient in tomorrow’s business environment?

2. Is there a higher level of excellence, beyond the accomplishments of current top performers requiring a new set of competencies? 

Our assessment captures existing and potential competencies in:

 less time and at a lower cost than traditional assessments