High Performance Coaching

Work one-to-one with a professional, highly skilled coach and get customized learning support. You will develop your leadership capability and achieve specific outcomes while maintaining balance in your personal life.

A coach brings new ways of looking, helps you grow beyond your stuck places. Your coach will create a safe and supportive, non judgmental environment which opens mental space to explore  options and make decisions.  This process helps you take action and has these results:

  • Eliminates procrastination 

  • Stops knee-jerk reactions

  • Builds confidence 



Why Coaching?

Because it’s all about you. The one-to-one session is customized to your specific needs, timelines and pressures. As a high-performer, there is no doubt you’ll eventually achieve your goals. Your track record proves that.

But, with coaching results are faster and easier. You will gain allies, build trust and increase your enjoyment at work and in life.

It’s the best  help available.

You often know your own best solution. In today’s busy world,  you rarely have time to slow the mental marathon down long enough  to recognize the best solutions, let alone explore your options.

Are you overwhelmed? Coaching will transform your world .

Thought provoking questions will build self-awareness as your coach helps you resolve a challenge. Coaching quickly expands your problem solving capacity, reconnects you to your values and to your ability to make decisions that resonate as the right choice for you.

Once you make a decision you are truly aligned with, coaching then moves you to immediate action.

The last phase is Resolve – you now move forward and ACT.

Resolve is simplicity on the other side of complexity.

Senior Coach,  Don MacInnis

” I was overwhelmed and exhausted. Nothing was fun anymore. It feels like my coach gave me back my life. My relationships have improved. I am delivering my work at a much higher level.  I am experiencing a new and quiet acceptance of myself.”  Medical leader