Strategic Conversations/Everyday Coaching™

Employees are the competitive edge in today’s market place. To attract and keep the best, the brightest and the most adaptable workers, you must create environments that anticipate and respond to change. It is not enough to have the talent, the organization must create a climate where strategic conversations are encouraged and supported.  

Strategic Conversations/Everyday Coaching facilitated by Dave Redekopp, PhD uses The 6 Step Sustained Leadership Enhancement Process™ to develop the skills and support for strategic conversations with people on the job during your daily tasks.

The expression people join the company and quit their supervisor is statistically accurate according to the Conference Board of Canada. The goal is to develop  your team’s capacity while decreasing your own work load. Moving  from tactical to strategic is critical for keeping and engaging employees.

As  you are continually  trying to do more with less? The only viable option to avoid  burn out and ensure success is to build capacity. Each time you as a leader holds a strategic conversation with one or all of your team,  it quickly builds the capacity of all involved and brings the best thinking to decision making, problem solving, and performance management.

Impact of a Difficult Discussion
What Clients Say About Strategic Conversations

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