Personal Accountability, Making Yourself Indispensable

Making Yourself Indispensable

As a result of participating in Making Yourself Indispensable, you will come away with new insights, inspiration, and a clear roadmap for raising your level of work and personal success. Becoming indispensable is about “playing big,” increasing one’s value, and staying focused on those priorities that ensure results in the midst of the many distractions that come our way. You will come away with clear commitments for improving effectiveness, communication, leadership and relationships, and the motivation to take action on your commitments. The beauty of this unique approach is that you don’t have to be perfect to be successful. Using proactive recovery plans, you can make mistakes, get off-track, and still achieve successful results.

After a comprehensive self-assessment of your unique abilities, you create your own practical Personal Picture of Success that describes specific attitudes, behaviors, and actions that represent transformational improvement in achieving desired results while enhancing positive, trusting relationships. Based on your Picture of Success, you will apply the Personal Accountability Model as a roadmap for realizing your vision; a model that has assisted thousands of others in achieving their goals and dreams.

Using your Picture of Success, you will facilitate and participate in an “accountability-based” questioning process that is used for self-coaching and coaching others to find their own solutions for resolving challenges that have prevented greater success. You will come away with tools to improve your effectiveness, leadership, and relationships with those you serve, partner with, and are close to.

Becoming indispensable cannot be achieved without the support of others. You will learn to create accountable assignments and agreements with others. More importantly, you will learn to hold others accountable in a supportive manner, so that they learn and rise to new levels of effectiveness and responsiveness. As a result, the blame-game and gossip-game are eliminated from your environment.

Finally, you learn to live outside of your “comfort zone” and create a “safety zone” for leading change and improvement,, and thriving in the midst of uncertainty and discomfort. And, you learn the secret for getting through the “wall of fear” that prevents people from realizing their dreams. Based on your picture of success and all that you have developed throughout the day, you will identify those actions that will leverage your strengths and address your challenges to achieve a new level of success.

The Specific Outputs and Results

  • Use the Wheel of Indispensability to make choices that represent “Playing Big”, being “We-Centered”, leveraging your “Priorities”, and “Adapting” to change in addition to getting past your “walls of fear” to excel beyond your expectations
  • Apply the Personal Accountability Model to transform any limiting beliefs, behaviors, or simply feeling stuck into Accountable responses that will achieve higher levels of excellence
  • Develop your personal Picture of Success and learn how to use that picture to inspire and guide you to realizing your aspirations and dreams
  • Use accountability-based question sets for increased self-awareness and an effective approach for coaching others to resolve problems and obstacles to higher levels of success
  • Apply “Proactive Recovery Plans” to quickly and effectively turn mistakes and mishaps into opportunities for learning and improvement
  • Effectively set up others for success by establishing accountable agreements and assignments
  • Learn the four-step process for holding others accountable that builds relationships and increases the confidence necessary to be successful
  • Develop specific actions for improving customer service, team and family effectiveness and interactions

What’s in this program?

  • Making Yourself Indispensable as a way of life
  • Application Activity: Assessing your level of indispensability


Making Yourself Indispensable
  • Six Choices for becoming indispensable
    1. Purpose Driven
    2. Play Big
    3. Adaptable
    4. We Centered
    5. Priority Focused
    6. Value Others
  • Application Activity: Self-Discovery Questions for raising your level of indispensability


Personal Accountability: The Roadmap to Success
  • What do you mean “Be Accountable”
  • The Personal Accountability Model
  • Application Activity: Exploring Victim and Accountable Behaviors


Taking Ownership for Your Success
  • Application Activity: Clarifying your clear Intention for success
  • Application Activity: Sharing your Intention
  • Application Activity: Using Accountability-Based Questions for self-coaching and coaching others


Holding Others Accountable with Support
  • Four traps to being accountable and holding others accountable
  • Accountable delegation and agreements with shared accountability
  • Four Steps to Holding others accountable in a supportive manner utilizing Proactive Recovery Planning
  • Application Activity: Holding Others Accountable in a supportive manner


Increasing Accountable Customer Service, Team Performance, and Quality of Life
  • Application Activity: Improving customer/client satisfaction
  • Application Activity: Improving team relationships
  • Application Activity: Improving family relationships


Managing Personal Change and Taking Action
  • The Three Zones of Change and moving out of the “Comfort Zone”
  • Overcoming the “Walls of Fear”
  • Application Activity: Building and sharing your Personal Picture of success
  • Application Activity: Taking Action on your Picture of Success
  • Application Activity: Acknowledging Wins, Gratitude and Scripting Your Future

Weekly Acountability Fix

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