In partnership with Mark Samuel, CEO of IMPAQ, Work-Life offers leadership development on personal and cross functional accountability. You will achieve measurable business results and engage employees  while you focus on organizational, technological, and cultural changes.

This work changes key habits of execution, enhances cross-functional teambuilding, and develops leadership skills.

INTACT TEAMS – Rather than using case studies and role-playing, your   team will solve their real organizational problems. You can foster the link between management levels and establish tracking systems to help you quickly adjust your efforts and achieve results faster.

                                                                                                      Personal Accountability

Employees will rethink the way they respond to challenges which results in greater accountability and success. Using the 7-Step Personal Accountability Model and individual assessment, employees will develop action plans to improve accountability with customers and teammates. They  hold others accountable and deal with victim behaviours. The  focus changes which inspires employees to take consistent action toward organizational goals.

                                                                                          Cross Functional Accountability

Agreements For Excellence, IMPAQ’s core methodology supported by the Sustained Leadership Enhancement Process, is used for increasing organizational accountability. This proven team-based process, used by Fortune 500 companies,  improves the performance of cross-functional leaders, intact work teams and project teams.

 Guaranteed Results

  • A 55% improvement in success factors

  • Accelerated achievement of business goals

  • A 20% improvement in team relationships within 6 months