Manager’s Collaborator

The Immediate Help You Need to Deal With Performance Problems

The Managers Collaborator Diagnostic Software

The Manager’s Collaborator is diagnostic software that can assist you in identifying potential causes of poor performance. The Collaborator walks you through a series of questions about the employee and then the system pinpoints the source of the issue and provides you with respectful, constructive strategies to resolve the problem.


Client Quote:

“Back to the Collaborator; as I said I was skeptical at best, that 9 questions could help pin point strategies to help an employee. I was given an employee who was on his “last chance”. I was told that I had so many months to get his skills and performance up to par or he would be terminated.

As I answered the questions in the Collaberator I found that the Impact that was suggested on the issue matrix described this employee to a “T”. His confidence was at an all time low, co-workers avoided him and they had developed a huge distrust for him and his work. The ‘Possible Explanations’ suggested were exactly what his issues were and provide insight on how I as his leader could support him in changing. The tool was an eye opener for me.”   Energy Sector

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