Leadership Articles

  • Getting Buy-In Before Implementation

    Todd Alexander & Mark Samuel
    Over the last 25 years, most organizations have evolved from autocratic hierarchies toward a more participate style of management. While that shift is generally seen as overwhelmingly positive, it's also possible that, in some cases the pendulum has been allowed to swing to far in the new direction.

  • Would a 400% Increase in Meeting Productivity Help You?

    By David Rodgers
    In the last 35 years, the biggest key I have observed in getting the most of meeting time has nothing at all to do with facilitation skills or meeting techniques. It revolves around one simple element; how clearly the people in the meeting understand the “desired outcome” of any topic being discussed.

  • The Aim of Leadership

    Dave Redekopp, PhD, Life-Role Development Group
    Is your team doing what they’re supposed to be doing ethically, legally, environmentally, safely, culturally and within minimum quality standards? You likely face variations of these questions on a daily basis. So have the leaders who came before you. North American management culture is all about compliance, answering the question “Are people doing what they’re supposed to be doing?”


    Wayne Boss
    Work in all its various forms is a very significant part of everyone’s life. It is through our work that we gain a profound sense of who we are as a person; that we express our creative and innovative capacities; that we grow and develop mentally and spiritually; that we earn a living; that we socialize with others and make friends; that we enhance our lives and make a difference in the lives of others.