Rapid Culture Change

Facilitator, Mark Samuel

For inquiries please email:  programmanager@work-liferesources.com

While other Culture Change efforts focus primarily on values, our Rapid Culture Change Workshop produces business results within 6 to 9 months due to the following key elements:

  • Culture Change focuses on improving execution to achieve business results rather than only considering values
  • The Culture Change measures execution, relationships and deliverables which are directly linked to business results
  • The Change breaks down silos to create cross-functional collaboration and accountability

This 2-3 day workshop is for Executives, Senior Managers, External Consultants/Coaches and Internal Change Agents from Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness or Organizational Development. You will learn and practice the strategies, systems and tools to change the culture, improve execution across your organization, increase “ownership” and “accountability”, and develop a new level of leadership at all levels of your organization.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to diagnose your organization’s challenges, develop a strategy for intervention and design a Culture Change effort to sustain results. You will leave this high-level workshop with a clear understanding for resolving major breakdowns in your current culture and an implementation plan to achieve measurable business results.


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Rapid Culture Change