Our Value to Our Clients

Measuring ROI

All work undertaken by Work-Life is measured for its return on your investment against your picture of success.

The value of Work-Life’s process is clearly demonstrated in measurements done over 7 years of testing the process. Meaningful measurement based on the areas of leadership identified for improvement in your Engagement survey and other Key Performance Indicators that are of important to you. Examples: absenteeism, harassment, grievances, rework, late time, safety incidents, and productivity. We customize to your specific issues and provide both empirical and anecodotal feedback to both individuals and teams.  



Benchmarking and Sustainability

We aspire to capture the value and outcomes of any consultancy work we do with you through the use of useful and relevant tools and resources.   These measures create sustainability by defining benchmarks for and by your teams and departments.  These groups benchmark and  track their progress in terms of the outcomes you need and as a result can quickly identify how and where they are off track and adjust course accordingly, to ensure they meet and surpass your targets.