Our Relationship with You

Work-Life Resources has worked with thousands of  leaders. Program follow-ups occur at one and three  months, then one year later.  All reviews show over 80% implementation rates. This is a stark contrast to industry averages of less than 20%.

Work-Life has delivered services across all industry sectors, with both large and small corporations, not-for-profit agencies and government departments.

Each client has unique needs: different  divisions within the same client group can experience unique challenges. This is why each deployment of the Sustained Leadership Enhancement Process™ is highly customized to the individual client.

You are our Highest Priority

When we work with you, we build a relationship of  transparency, trust and honesty. Through respectful dialogue we assist you to achieve the outcomes you want.

Together, we will reach a comfort level  that allows you to tell us when what we are doing is not helpful, and for us to point out something that is not serving you well. When we mutually build a respectful relationship,  we increase our chances of achieving it.

We don’t ‘pop in and out’ of your organization. Ours is in an ongoing relationship. Our process enables us to quickly obtain the look and feel as an internal resource for your people; while still allowing us a helpful external perspective.

We develop a diagonal slice of the organization across all departments, all levels and all locations. This gives us a strategic view that has significant value to senior management and human resources.

What does your organization look like when Work-Life is successful?

Senior Coach, Wayne Boss responds:

Your leaders recognize the need for and accept our invitation to co-create a systemic job-embedded, coaching supported, professional development program that builds competency, capacity, character and community.

Your organization can strengthen company practices, norms and relationships that invite and encourage your staff to bring their best selves  to work (with initiative, ingenuity, enthusiasm). Your team will achieve its purpose and go home with their best selves intact and strengthened.

Leaders report a greater capacity to give power and choice to their direct reports.

People feel valued, essential, and that their work is meaningful.

A critical mass of your people are enthusiastically present at work every day. They actively building bridges within and outside the organization. They remove silo thinking and practices. They ask insightful questions about  the whys and whats and question how they can be better. They experience an increasing commitment to their community and have a strong desire to add value. They realize individual well-being depends on connecting to each other and fosters the well-being of the organization. This perspective influences decisions.

Your organization grows in reputation and profitability.